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June 5  

Parenting plans get outdated as life circumstances change and our children grow up. Is it time to review your parenting plan and make the subtle changes you need to have your co-parenting run smoothly? Do you have a good plan with boundaries so you can enjoy your summer? Give me a call or email me if your family could use an updated Parenting Plan!

Why Update Your Parenting Plan?

You know when it's time.

Examples of what can trigger a need to update your plan

  • Demanding extra curricular activities
  • Change in job
  • Relocation
  • Changing schools
  • maturation-need age appropriate plan
  • Unfit parenting status


Delaying to update your parenting plan can create tension between parents that becomes a burden for both parents and kids. Be proactive and let's get your family life running as smoothly as possible! Email me today to schedule your mediation.

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